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Skate UK Star Sessions

Skate UK Star Sessions

Congratulations! Now you’ve completed your Skate UK course, you’re ready to take the next step onto our six week Skate UK Star programme.

All skaters wishing to enter the NISA (National Ice Skating Association) standard test system and progress towards skating qualifications, competitions or even to progress recreationally must complete Bronze, Silver and Gold Skate UK Star levels.

Times & Prices

Skate UK Star courses take place on Thursdays and Sundays.


5.45pm – 6.15pm Children’s & Adults Skate UK Star Session Bronze – Gold level


1.00pm – 1.30pm Children’s & Adults Skate UK Star Session Bronze – Gold level

The six week course is £49.50 for children, £55 for adults, including skate hire, access to a free skate session on the day of the course.

On joining the course, skaters must also purchase a Skate UK Star book; this is a one-off charge of £25. The Skate UK Star book will be used at each lesson to track the skater’s progress.

Skate UK Skate UK Star Certificates are £2.00 and Skate UK Skate UK Star sew on badges are £3.50 (available from Ticketing & Customer Services).

After Skate UK Star

If you show real flair during your classes you may be talent spotted by one of our coaches and invited to join the NIC’s Skate Academy in Figure Skating and this could be your pathway to becoming an elite athlete.

If you are not one of the chosen few you can still develop your skills on the ice with our figure skating classes.

This will be an opportunity to improve the skaters overall ability in either discipline through focussing on the basic techniques of generic figure skating.

The classes will involve both Figure Skating and Ice Dancing skills including jumping and spinning, footwork and turns, posture, edge quality and artistry, thereby exploring all aspects of figure skating.

This group session is ideal for any skaters wishing to develop and strengthen their overall skating ability. The cost of each session is £13.50 and is open to all skaters that have passed Bronze Free or higher. The age limit for this session is 18 years.

For further details or to book onto the next Skate UK Star session contact Ticketing & Customer Services on 0843 373 3000.