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Fri 18 July 14

If you’ve come to skate over the past few weeks you will have noticed that the Public Skating Rink has been closed for ice maintenance, and building works have been taking place.

We’re excited to announce that the Public Skating Rink will be back in action tonight for the 7:30pm Disco Public Skating session! Come on down and skate on brand new fresh ice!

The National Ice Centre would like to thank you for bearing with us during the building works and ice maintenance.

The Public Skating Rink has been closed for the past two weeks for ice maintenance. The team removed the ice and carried out essential work on the pipes under the rink and new ice was installed and painted. Check out all the photos here.

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Wed 09 July 14
We've been sorting out the pipes under the rink!

The building works at the National Ice Centre’s Public Skating (Olympic) Rink will finish next week, thanks so much for bearing with us!

As well as the building works, the Public Skating (Olympic) Rink has been closed for the past two weeks for ice maintenance. So far, the team have removed the ice and carried out essential work on the pipes under the rink. New ice will be installed and painted early next week.

Due to these works, all skating will remain in the Arena rink until 19 July. Until then, all skating sessions including Parent and Toddler sessions and Disability Inclusion sessions are signposted and rink assistants are on hand should you have any questions or need directions.

The Public Skating Rink will be back in use from Saturday 19 July.

If you have any questions on the Summer building works or temporary closure of the Public Skating rink please tweet us ( using the hashtag #NICSummerWorks, email us at, call 0843 373 3000 to speak to one of our advisors or pop in and see us!

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Mon 07 July 14

Great Britain’s Short Track Speed Skating squad are looking for families who could act as host to young hopeful future Olympians.

- Do you live in the Nottingham area?

- Do you have a spare bedroom?

- Could you include full board?

- Could you provide a developing skater with a supportive, family environment?

Start date: August 2014. A reasonable remuneration will be paid

You would be expected to provide a clean and healthy environment for the skater to live in, look after their well being and keep in contact with their family and the Programme Director.

If you think you can help and would like further information please contact Michelle Neville by email for an information pack, or write to Michelle Neville, GB Short Track, National Ice Centre, Nottingham, NG1 1LA.

Closing date: 18th July 2014

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Tue 01 July 14
The NIC will host the Championships next year

The National Ice Centre will host the British Synchronized Skating Championships next year. The event will take place 17-18 January 2015, where more than 50 teams from around the UK will compete.

This exciting discipline is the fastest growing figure skating discipline and involves teams of 12-16 skaters, skating in formation with speed and precision whilst performing intricate routines to music. It combines the beauty and elegance of freestyle skating and the excitement of a team sport, but it takes hours of hard work and dedication on and off the ice to blend between 12 and 16 skaters into one unit. It makes skaters of all ages and abilities work together as a team.

The top teams from around the country, many of which compete internationally, will be vying for the title of British Champion including Nottingham’s own Junior Team Icicles who were placed 14th in the world at the last Junior World Challenge Cup and were the highest scoring team last season. The Junior category has now been awarded Championship status and the team will once again compete for selection to represent Great Britain at the 2015 Junior World Championships.

Synchronised skating teams are spread across the UK. Teams from the Isle of Wight, Gosport, West Wales, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Slough, Lee Valley, Sheffield, Solihull, Hull, Altrincham, Deeside, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Inverness, Stirling, Dumfries and Ayr will be in attendance, with new teams expected from Deeside, Widnes and Bradford.

Synchronised Skating is expected to become a Winter Olympic event in the future and is likely to be included in the Winter Olympics in Korea in 2018 as a demonstration event. As a spectacular fast moving, and choreographically clever discipline, requiring highly skilled and dedicated athletes is bound to be hit and draw in large audiences on the Olympic stage.

Tickets for the event are priced at £7. Tickets for concessions and groups of 12 people or more are priced at £5.50. Tickets will go on-sale in August with more details to follow soon.

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