Laps to Lapland Skating Challenge

Helps us reach Lapland before Christmas Day!

Skaters have the opportunity to join in our ‘Laps to Lapland’ challenge this Christmas! Starting on Sunday 1 December, you are invited to circle the perimeter of the ice rink, counting your laps as you go and contribute to the 30,255 laps needed to reach Lapland! The laps are equivalent to the 2,015 miles distance between Nottingham and the ‘official home’ of Santa – Rovaniemi in Lapland.

We are challenging all skaters to help us reach Lapland before Christmas Day. Simply tell the skate hire desk how many laps you’ve done at the end of your session and they will add them to the grand total.

Everyone attending one of the skating sessions between 1 December and 24 December is invited to take part. Please check back on this page to see the daily progress.

Get ready, get set and ho ho ho!

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