Junior British Figure Skating Champion Looks Forward to Another Incredible Season

At just 14 years old, Alexa Severn, from Nottingham, has already achieved a huge amount in her ice skating career, winning the title of Junior British Figure Skating Champion at the end of 2022. As she looks forward to the next season of competitions as part of the British Ice Skating Performance Squad, we chatted to her about her journey so far, which all started with a Christmas ice skate in Nottingham…

After visiting the National Ice Centre at Christmas with her Aunt when she was five, Alexa decided that ice skating was the sport for her and immediately enrolled in skating lessons.  She quickly progressed through the levels, eventually competing in a Spin, Spiral, Jump competition that takes place annually here at the venue.  

Tamara Cvijanovic, Alexa’s Figure Skating Coach at the National Ice Centre, said “it was quite clear that Alexa had a talent as well as determination and physical ability. We’ve also been grateful that the National Ice Centre has been able to provide a training environment that works for Alexa’s progression. The support we receive from the venue and the skating community is just amazing.”

At age 10, Alexa was landing double axel and triple jumps and became one of the youngest ever skaters to compete at the Advanced Novice British Championships in 2018, winning third place.  

At this competition, she caught the eye of the British Ice Skating Technical Advisory Committee which led to her being selected for Great Britain at an ISU Junior Grand Prix competition. Continuing to improve in technical ability, Alexa eventually peaked at the Junior British Figure Skating Championships where she won the women’s title in 2022.

“This was definitely the most exciting moment of my skating career so far”, Alexa said.

With the support of British Ice Skating, she succeeded to achieve the score she needed to qualify for the Junior World Championships and the British Ice Skating Performance Squad from her performance at the 2023 Skate Helena in Belgrade, Serbia.

Afterwards, it was confirmed that she would represent Great Britain at the ISU Junior World Championships in Calgary, Canada, where she had a great, clean skate and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

Severn said of her achievements so far, “I’ve loved skating from the age of 5 and to be able to continue my skating journey here at the National Ice Centre and to compete internationally, has been an amazing experience. My love of skating has taken me all over the world and there’s so much more to come. We’re now preparing for another Junior Grand Prix Screening so I’m really hoping to be selected for next season. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!”

Figure skating can be a challenge for young skaters due to the financial pressures but her coach remains hopeful that funding will be secured, “we are hoping that the community will recognise a massive talent and coming from Nottingham where Torvill and Dean started their journey, we should have another famous skating story to tell!”

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Alexa Severn and everyone at the National Ice Centre looks forward to seeing her journey progress.

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