Girls Hockey Jamboree 2022

On Sunday 12 June, we hosted the Girls Hockey Jamboree 2022 at the National Ice Centre. Designed for female ice hockey players aged 10-18, the event was the first of its kind and focused on developing players in an accessible and affordable way.

A total of 68 players attended from across the country (the furthest travelling from Aberdeen!) and there was a great mix of playing experience and ability. From novice players in their first season to players from the GB Under 16s and 18s teams, the event really did cater for all!

One of the coaches said that “the girls had so much energy and seeing their smiles on the ice was amazing!”

Led by James Ashton, the Jamboree was organised by representatives from several women’s ice hockey clubs (Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield) with support from WNIHL, Clarke & Co Ice Hockey Academy, Nottingham Vipers, and the National Ice Centre.

The female ice hockey game is growing and the recent success of the Great Britain’s women’s team, who won Gold at the World Championships, is testament to the hard work and commitment of the IHUK, and the WNIHL. However, girls are underrepresented in the sport and are typically outnumbered 10 – 1 in most clubs in the UK so we hope there will be many more of these amazing events to come!

One parent said that it was a “fantastic day for all the girls, really positive and informative! It was great to have some GB role models there for them to look up to.”

Well done to all involved!

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