Never too late to start!

Galina Hartshorn (52) is inspiring skating at all ages.

After being mesmerised as a young girl by the professional figure skaters on her television in Russia, Galina Hartshorn never thought that one day she would be as confident as them on the ice.

Fast forward 40 years, and the now 52-year-old has proudly been taking ice skating lessons for over two years at the National Ice Centre, in Nottingham.

Galina signed up to our skating lessons at the age of 50 after a lifelong love of figure skating. When she was younger, it wasn’t possible for her family to make the commitment to the ice sport in Russia, but after moving to the UK, it was a goal of Galina’s to take to the ice for the first time.

Two years ago, she got up and decided that “it’s never too late” and booked onto her first beginners’ skating course.

Within the first few classes, she was surprised to meet people her own age, and realised that it’s never too late to “follow your passion and live your dreams”.

In her worktime, Galina is a success coach and runs her own business titled The Art of Abundance Coaching. But in her spare time, she is making her way through the many grades of figure skating and is now working on the Silver Ice Dance & Free, after whizzing through the Learn to Skate levels.

She says: “When I’m skating, I feel like I’ve found myself and when I’m on the ice, I know in my heart that ‘this is me’. I want to inspire people and help them understand that no matter your age, level or ability, it’s your outlook on life and your goals that affect the outcome”.

We hold a range of skating lessons for all ages and abilities at the National Ice Centre. For more information, visit our ice skating lessons page.

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