National Ice Centre & White Post Farm – Statement on Easter Family Fun Weekend

Over the Easter break, we received several queries regarding our Family Fun Weekend.

As part of our free activities, White Post Farm set up a small and secure petting area within our centre. This housed a few animals from the farm, including two pygmy goats, rabbits and chicks.

A number of online guests raised concerns over the safety and welfare of the animals visiting us at the National Ice Centre.

Animal welfare is the most important thing to us, and to White Post Farm. White Post Farm were not paid to be at the event and did not attend for profit; they consider these types of events an important opportunity to educate the public and show the animals to people who may not have been around animals before. The farm also sent a senior member of the team to the National Ice Centre a week prior to the event to ensure the area was appropriate for the animals.

The baby pygmy goats that came along to the Family Fun Weekend had unfortunately been orphaned by their birth mother. If the farm had not taken them into their care, they would have sadly passed away. They are now being hand reared at the farm.

The staff sent from White Post Farm with the animals across the Easter event were trained animal carers who would not let any harm or stress come to the animals. The goat kids were looked after both days by the team and given their bottles regularly to ensure they weren’t hungry, never leaving them unattended and making sure they were happy and healthy.

The arena was a cool temperature for the animals, ensuring they were not ‘overheating’ despite the outside temperatures. The animal care team from the farm gave the animals breaks throughout the day and made sure all the animals had everything they needed and were not stressed.

If at any point the staff had felt the animals were not happy or comfortable, they would have been removed immediately and taken back to the farm.

The animals visited us at the centre for the two days only, and safely returned to their home on the farm on Sunday evening.

We appreciate your feedback, and if you have any other concerns, welcome your thoughts.