Synchronized Skating is the fastest growing figure skating discipline. It involves teams of 12-16 skaters skating in formation whilst performing intricate routines to music.

Synchronized skating is an amazing team sport that takes hours of hard work and dedication on and off the ice to blend many skaters into one unit.


Upon completion of the silver level of the Skate UK Star Programme, depending on your age and ability, you will be eligible to join the Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy (NSSA).

For further information please contact Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy (NSSA)

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speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating is a fast, adrenaline-fuelled sport full of unpredictability, where skaters reach speeds of up to 35kmph on blades 46cm long and only 1mm thick.

ice hockey

Ice hockey is an exciting, fast paced and physical contact sport. As the home of the Nottingham Panthers, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the fastest team game in the world!

figure Skating

Figure skating involves individuals and mixed couples competing to perform the most spectacular and accurately executed lifts, jumps and spins, while skating to music.