Tips & Advice

In order to ensure your ice skating experience at the National Ice Centre is a safe and memorable one, we recommend you follow these few simple tips.

• Arrive in plenty of time to collect your ice skates and fasten them properly before hitting the ice. If you’re attending a Parent & Toddler session, we recommend arriving 20 minutes prior to the session you are attending.

• Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight or too baggy, so your movement isn’t restricted on the ice.

• Wear a few layers so you can add or remove clothing when you need to, as it can be a little chilly on the ice to start, but once you start whizzing around the rink you’ll soon warm up.

• You may like to wear gloves to keep your hands warm while skating and provide protection if you fall, however this is not essential.

• Wear comfortable socks and tie your skates all the way up to your ankle to ensure maximum comfort.

• If you wish to buy your own pair of ice skating boots, it’s best to speak to one our professional coaches or one of the Ice Locker team first for their advice, to avoid spending money on a pair that are not fit for purpose.

• Before getting onto the ice, try walking around to get used to the feel and weight of your skates.

• Once on the ice please be considerate to those around you, remember public ice skating sessions attract skaters of all abilities.

• If you need some help or advice at any point, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly staff in red NIC jackets.