Skating Lessons at the National Ice Centre

Skating Lessons

Our skating lessons will help you learn how to spin and glide around the ice like a pro. Skating lessons includes thirty minute group tuition, skate hire, and coach support. Each skating course includes a free skating session on the day of your lesson.

They’re available for everyone at any age or ability, and run on a regular basis, either over a six-week period or over a three-day intensive course during the school holidays.

Regular Skating Lessons - check back soon for 2020 dates
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What will you learn?

Level 1
Get moving and learn the basics! Our coaches will help you gain confidence in moving forwards on the ice, introduce you to gliding and the safest way to get up in case you fall down.

Level 2
Focus on gliding and stopping. Now your confidence is growing in moving forwards our coaches will teach you how to stop safely and show you how to glide around corners. They’ll also show you a more advanced way to move forwards with forward lemons and introduce you to moving backwards.

Level 3
Focus on turning and backwards. Adding in some finesse and poise to your skating, try gliding on one leg and become masters in backwards lemons and backwards skating. Turning from forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards can be tricky but we’ll show you all you need to nail it.

Level 4
Focus on circles and rhythm. We’ll now teach you how to find your edges and go around the corner in style with some chasses. You’ll also learn forward slalom (think skiing down a mountain) which is great for knee bend and learning one of the most important parts of skating- rhythm!

Level 5
Focus on circles and turning. We’re staying on the circles and moving our forward chasses onto crossovers, just like what you see the Nottingham Panthers or professional figure skaters use, and try chasses out backwards! We’ll also practice those edges a bit more and introduce you to three turns, similar to what you learned in level 3 but on one leg!

Level 6
Focus on turning and backward circles. The same as when you mastered it forwards, we’ll move your backwards chasses onto crossovers, and also teach you how to step to forwards from backward skating. You’ll get nice and dizzy with more three turns (from the inside edge this time) and some two foot spins!

Level 7
Focus on edges, edges and more edges! They’re the foundations of all aspects of skating so here we get to practice the edges in more detail with continuous outside and inside edges, and crossrolls. The coaches will show you a mohawk (turn not the hairstyle!) and teach you a landing position for those that might later want to jump and spin.

Level 8
Focus on putting it all together. Through the progressively harder grades you’ve learned the cornerstones of skating moves so here everything amalgamates into continuous outside and inside three turns, and a sequence of skating moves. You’ll need a good memory to be able to put things together, as well as demonstrate all the skills you’ve learned along the way to a good standard. You’ll also move your spin up a notch and try it on one leg (figure skaters only), and try some twizzles (or drags if you’re in hockey skates).

Star Skating Lessons - check back soon for 2020 dates

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