Spin, Spiral and Jump Competition

Competition Results

Category 1 Warm Up (7), rolling group of 5

Lola Marshall

Alice Cohen 

Oliver Joseph Brown – BRONZE

Cerys Barr

Isla Heard – SILVER

Caitlyn Elston

Yi Yi You – GOLD

 Category 2 Warm Up (8), rolling group of 5

Isla Shelton

Natalie Qian – GOLD

Katie Flint – BRONZE

Lavender Su

Mason Hart

Millie Scott – SILVER

Marli Taylor

Sophia Tinsley

 Category 3a 9yrs and under Warm Up (11), rolling group of 5 at a time

Leila Ahmad

Denisse Qian – BRONZE

Darja Pilace – GOLD

Heidi Emma Cowlard – SILVER

Neve Boyles

Jessica louise Hayden

Lilly Beth Radford-Coleman

Jason Challis

Annabelle -Rose Kelly

Alisa Korposh – SILVER

Beau Theakstone

Category 3b Warm Up (7) rolling group of 5

Chelsea Price – SILVER

Demmi Marshall

Saoirse O’Sullivan

Rowan Hextall

Cerys Lakin – BRONZE

Ellie Holdsworth – GOLD

Carly Ostle

Category 4 Warm Up (6)

Amelia Challis

Daisy-Mae Swaisland

Kiera Davis Hita

Chloe Pacheco Chang – BRONZE

Ruby Adams – SILVER

Brooke Wright – GOLD

 Category 6 Warm Up (8), rolling group of 5

Terri Floyde

Mark Taylor

Sadie Clare

Johanna Barry

Andy Clarke

Eloise Carruthers

Danielle Bentley

Christine Klimke – BRONZE

Lewis Fretwell-Smith – GOLD

Susan Edwards – SILVER

Category 6 Warm Up (2)

Helene Dollie – SILVER

Louise Kelly –  GOLD