Ice skating is a great activity for children. Sessions are fun, social and can help kids develop their confidence and coordination. We also host birthday parties where children can join their friends for a fun skating session on their special day, and then enjoy party food in a reserved area in our Sub Zero Café.


When you are ready to venture out onto the bigger rink, ice equipment is available to hire for the whole session. Young children can be pushed around the rink on seals, scooters and bananas, whilst penguins and snowmen are for those keen to have a go at standing up in the ice and skating.  Our friendly staff will help you decide which piece of equipment will best suit your child.


  • Dress in layers of warm clothes. Gloves and hats can be purchased at skate hire
  • Lockers are available to keep your belongings safe. You can pay by cash or card
  • A children’s menu is available in Sub Zero café
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Create a masterpiece on the ice with our dedicated drawing space in the Tots Zone every Saturday between 2:45pm and 5pm. Available for young children and families, little ones can use paint pens to draw on the ice, with loads of colours to choose from to keep them busy. Simply request the pens from our team members to get started. Due to the nature of the activity, clothing could get stained from the pens. Pen marks will rub off skin with water, however they may be permanent on clothing, so we suggest bringing some old clothing along with you for the session. Please note, mats will be available, so your child won’t be sat directly on the ice.

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