Ice Cubs

Introducing our new non-competitive programme for children aged 10 and under!
Although designed to work alongside skating lessons, this programme is also available to children not currently participating in lessons.

No matter what ice sports discipline your child may wish to choose in the future, this programme enables the skater to boost their confidence and develop the skills that are most important to start any skating discipline.

Running on a continuous basis with a monthly payment plan, the programme focuses on physical motor skill development with fun on-ice activities using toys and equipment to develop and improve coordination, agility and flexibility and off-ice activities taking place in the dance studios to strengthen and condition the body.

As this programme is non-competitive, skaters don’t work towards passing grades. Instead the focus is on developing skills and conditioning the body to perform on the ice.

If, after time on this programme, your child wishes to progress towards an ice sports discipline, the next step would be to sign up for skating lessons, ice hockey lessons or join one of our ice sports clubs. 

What’s included
1 x on-ice sessions per week (total 45 minutes ice time)
1 x off-ice sessions per week (total 45 minutes off-ice time)

The programme offers a unique range of coaches from varying ice sports disciplines each month enabling skaters to learn different techniques.

Saturdays9:15am – 10am (on-ice)
10:15am – 11am (off-ice)
AllAge 10 and under

Cost: £80 per month via Direct Debit.

How to book
Email: [email protected]

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