Synchronized Skating is the fastest growing figure skating discipline. It involves teams of 12-16 skaters, skating in formation whilst performing intricate routines to music.

Synchronized skating is an amazing team sport that takes hours of hard work and dedication on and off the ice to blend many skaters into one unit.

Synchronized Skating Championships

The National Ice Centre has hosted the Synchronized Skating Championships for the past few years.

It’s the biggest event of the skating calendar for NISA with teams from every corner of Britain taking part. It is a day packed with action and great competitive skating!

Synchronized Skating is expected to become a Winter Olympic event in the future and is likely to be included in the Winter Olympics in China in 2022. As a spectacular fast moving and choreographically clever discipline that requires highly skilled and dedicated athletes, it’s bound to be hit on the Olympic stage.

Synchronized skating at the National Ice Centre

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Upon completion of the silver level of the Skate UK Star Programme, depending on your age and ability, you will be eligible to join the Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy (NSSA).

For further information please contact Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy (NSSA).