play hockey

Play Hockey

You can progress to this course upon completion of level 6 Skate Hockey. Skate Hockey is suitable for beginners with no prior experience required.

Play Hockey uses a similar format to that of Skate Hockey, but with the addition of learning puck handling skills at the same time as skating. Levels 1-3 are 30-minute group lessons and full ice hockey equipment is required.

Equipment required: helmet with face mask, throat guard(child), shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey shirt, gloves, hockey shorts, hockey leg guards, hockey jock (boys) or pelvic protector (girls), hockey socks, hockey skates and stick.

Wednesdays7pm - 7:30pmLevel 1 - 3Adult6 x 30 minute lesson credits for £62
Thursdays5:45pm - 6:15pmLevel 1 - 3Child aged 18 or under6 x 30 minute lesson credits for £62

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